2021 Rules

1. This is a team club. Bring your own partner.

2. Membership is $100.00 per year per team to be paid prior to fishing the first tournament.

3. There will be a 40 team limit.

4. $60.00 entry fee per tournament will be paid prior to blast-off. $10 per boat goes toward big fish pot. If you are running late for a tournament you must call the tournament director or another officer before blast-off to let him know you are coming. A voicemail with your full name and phone number is also acceptable. Number of boats will determine payouts. Up to 19 boats will pay 3 places plus big fish. Each additional 10 boats will add another place.

5. Fishing in multiple tournaments on the same day is prohibited.

6. Tournaments will be from safe light to 3:00pm EST unless otherwise noted on the schedule or determined necessary by the Tournament Director.

7. Scoring will be done on the Points, Place, Pounds System. For example: 50 Show points, then a 50 Place points that’s just like our 2016 system, 1st place- 50 points, 2nd place- 49 points and so on. Teams that zero will get 10 points less than the last place team, you then get 1 point for every pound of fish you weigh in. Weights will be calculated in Hundredths.

8. Pay back will be 80% each tournament with a 20% going toward classic.

9. Teams will qualify for the Classic by finishing the year in the top half of the point standings and fish together as a team in at least 8 tournaments. If there are an odd number of teams in the club, the number of qualifying teams will be rounded up. A team may also qualify for the Classic by fishing 12 tournaments together (alternates do not count toward the Classic). If a team is unable to fish, they can pay their entry fee before blast off and receive the 50 show points and 10 points less than the last place team present. This is ONLY for points. IT DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR 8 TOURNAMENTS. Entry fees cannot be paid for tournaments in the past. Classic entry will be free for all teams that qualify by finishing in the top half in points and fishing at least 8 tournaments together as a team. Big Fish pot will be optional at the Classic for all teams.

10. Substitutions (Alternates) will not count towards a teams (8) tournament Classic qualification. They will count towards a team’s total AOY points. When a member of (2) different teams fish together, only one team will receive AOY points and that team must designate who is fishing for points prior to the tournament. There will be a maximum of 3 substitutions per team per year. No substitutions allowed for the classic. Substitutions (alternates) must be designated prior to blast off to receive points.

11. Should a team disband during the year; one team member can retain their points. If the other member rejoins with a new partner, they will be required to pay regular membership fees and points will start from scratch.

12. A 5 fish limit per tournament. Short fish brought to scales will also cost the team the weight of the short fish plus the weight of their largest fish. There is a .2 lb. penalty for each dead fish. No culling of dead fish. All culling must be done upon catching the 6th keeper fish.

13. Length limits for fish shall be determined by state limit covering tournament waters. If unsure, it is the angler’s responsibility to check with the tournament director. Identifying spots will be the tooth patch on the tongue. Spots have to be at least 12 inches in length. If the lake has a different limit the Tournament Director will inform members prior to blast-off.

14. Artificial bait only, one rod per angler in the water at any given time, and no trolling is allowed during a tournament.

15. Boats must be inside the buoys by the tournament ending time. Anyone late will get a 1 pound penalty for every minute you are late up to 15 minutes. At that point the team is disqualified and will not be allowed to weigh in any fish. Team will still receive show points.

16. Classic will pay 100% of the accumulated funds, less any club expenses incurred during the year. Such as (permits, web page fees, etc.). The club will vote on the date and lake of the Classic tournament by majority rule. Blast-off will be determined by point standings. Classic will pay five places.

17. The classic will be a one day tournament  coinciding with the regular Saturday club tournament in March or April,  (determined by majority vote). If a member has to fish the Classic alone because of qualification rules, that member will then fish alone.

18. AOY will be determined by adding each team’s total points at the end of the tournament year (December tournament). No tournaments will be thrown out! $500 will be paid out to the top team.

19. In the event of a tie, big fish will determine the winner. It is each team’s responsibility to weigh their big fish. If neither team chooses to weigh their biggest fish the tie will stand. Purses will be added together and divided equally.

20. Shoal bass will not be allowed to be weighed in during any tournament. Tournament Director will determine if a fish is a Shoal Bass.

21. All rules of the club will be strictly enforced. Good sportsmanship is encouraged and expected.

22. Coweta County Bassmasters is solely owned by its members. It is a non-profit organization.

23. The decision to cancel a tournament due to any unforeseen event (dangerous weather) will be decided by the club officers. All members will be notified and every attempt to reschedule will be made by the Officers.

24. The decision of the club officers is final in all situations, as well as the right to refuse membership to anyone they decide would not be an asset to the club.

25. In signing the membership form, participants agree to all rules and the club schedule and also release Coweta Bassmasters and the Club Officers of all liabilities, damage to property or persons during any of its events.